School Uniforms Standard

School Uniforms Standard


l   When wearing winter or summer school uniform, the underwear is not showing.

l   If girl students’ hair reaches shoulder, her hair needs to be tied up using black, grey, or dark blue hairpin.

l   If the temperature is 15°C or below, students can wear sportswear and dark grey or dark blue warm clothes. Write the name of the student and class on the label of the clothes.

l   Students are not allowed to wear accessories such as bracelet, necklace or earrings. Written application must be submitted for special reasons.

l   School uniforms should be worn as a whole instead of matching by student themselves. If there is no physical education or sports-related extracurricular activities on that day, students can only wear the school uniform.

l   Students may wear the activity POLO on ‘In-class Experts Lessons’ or during the school's major activities such as the annual trip. Students must wear the activity POLO with school’s designated sportswear, white socks and white sneakers.

l   Shirts and T-shirts must be tucked in the shorts or trousers.

l   Students should write their name and class on the label of the clothes to avoid loss.