STEAM Education

STEAM Education

Maximizes students’ STEAM and maker skills

Our school believes that STEAM education and cross disciplinary activities cultivates students’ innovative mindset and problem solving skills. The activities encourage students to be observative, reflective, and eager to seek the truth. We believe our course outline maximizes students’ STEAM thinking and maker skills. Through learning by playing, it provides space for students to explore freely, which helps to reinforce both their practical skills and understanding on what they have learned in books.
Also, we give ample opportunities for students to participate in various local and international STEAM events and competitions, which broaden their horizons on the trends of science and technology in the modern world. We believe these opportunities can increase their awareness of social needs, so as to motivate students to put knowledge into practice and make the world a better place.

Curriculum Flow

Off-campus competition (Introduction + Short video)

The 2nd runner up (primary school sector) of Samsung Solve for Tomorrow 2021

Congratulations! Five Primary 4 students from our school have been awarded the 2nd runner up (primary school sector) of Samsung Solve for Tomorrow 2021 this year. The theme of this year aims to encourage students to apply their STREAM (Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) knowledge in developing solutions for “Green Tomorrow”, “Education Tomorrow”, “Age-friendly Tomorrow”, and “Healthy Tomorrow”.

Under all the difficulties preparing for the online competition during the pandemic, the team dedicated to it with the inspiration of 「老友寶寶機械人」, which is an all-rounded systematic smart home device for the sake of assisting elderly living alone so as to ensure their household safety and alleviating the increasing need of emergency service. After the presentation to professional judges, the team fought for a great result form other primary school teams in this highly competitive event!

STEAM Education always paves the way for our students to solve the problems of our society and give positive impacts to our future.

Student’s design will be showcased in HKCEC

One of our P.4 students has joined the Hong Kong Science Fair organised by Hong Kong Innovation Foundation (‘HKIF’) and he is on the shortlist and selected as the top 120 in this fair.

The ‘Science Fair’ welcomes creations that express students’ original ideas. Students will learn to refine their creations and turn their ideas into reality during the development of prototypes.

Our P.4 student suggests a “Leave Home Safe, Scan and Go” project. Citizens will only need to bring a printed QR code on a card instead of installing the app on electronic devices, hoping that it can provide a more easy, convenient, and efficient way for those who do not or cannot use the app when they go outside!

His selected masterpiece will be exhibited on 19 to 20 February 2022 at the Hong Kong Convention Centre. However, in view of the latest development of the COVID-19 epidemic, the Hong Kong Science Fair has been postponed to safeguard the health and safety of all participants. The new date and updated details of the Fair and Award Presentation Ceremony will be announced later.

The Champion and the Most Favoured Award under the theme of Social Connectivity from the City I&T Grand Challenge by the Innovation and Technology Commission

Congratulations! A Primary 2 student from our school has been awarded the Champion and the Most Favoured Award under the theme of Social Connectivity from the City I&T Grand Challenge carried out by the Innovation and Technology Commission this year.
She presented and explained her masterpiece to different professional judges and finally stood out from 740 artworks in this highly competitive event.
Inspired by her experience with Grandma, she designed a caring robot named ‘銀髮腦友記’especially for chronic patients.
To take care of grandma, one just needs to input the schedules of the intake of medicine, to embed authentic and unique voice of the family members, the robot will act warmly like a family member to remind and feed grandma medicines.
With the help of smart watches or other high-tech devices, the robot will collect users’ vital signs and analyse them with IoT. It will inform the hospital or family members immediately if there is an unusual situation, thus avoid missing any chances to save users’ lives.
Steam Education always paves the way for our students to transform their creative and innovative ideas into impactful solutions for a better life!

Samsung "Solve for Tomorrow 2020"
Introduction: Five P3 students (Ashley Ho, Janelle Kwan, Ashber Ngo, Suki Wong and Carlos Sin) participated in the "Solve for Tomorrow 2020" STEAM competition. The competition was organized by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., with the purpose of gathering youth around the world who are creative and enthusiastic about new technologies in order to solve local social problems.
Although our students are young, we encourage them to try and practice what they have learned. During the competition, the students discussed ideas on the current environmental issues in Hong Kong by observation and researches, then applied relevant skills based on the knowledge in the STEAM field. Finally, they used the Arduino program to write an intelligent system-"FUN recycling robot". It is hoped that this innovative solution will help increase citizens' motivation for waste recycling, thereby increasing the recycling rate. Let's work together to protect the environment! This recycling robot will also be used on campus so that the spirit of STEAM is bringing to students' campus life.