General Studies

General Studies

Vision and Mission:

General Studies is a cross-disciplinary subject that compiles humanity, social science, science and information technology. Through a diverse teaching approach, we aim to provide an exposure of the connections within society so as to develop students into global citizens with social awareness, curiosity, critical thinking and creativity.


The subject emphasizes on the interaction among teachers and students. In the everyday classroom, different approaches of questioning would be raised to guide and enlighten students with different perspectives. Also, feedbacks would be given on the spot to cultivate a cooperative learning environment.
Assignments such as school-based worksheets and projects are given to accommodate students’ needs and to reinforce the learning difficulties.

To deliver knowledge effectively, the worksheets compile different approaches of questions that stimulates different mindset, diverse information as well as the English language elements. We believe the importance of learning outside of classroom setting and applying knowledge in society. Thus, we hold different subject-based and also cross-disciplinary sightseeing.

To develop science and technology awareness, the General Studies subject collaborates back to back with STEAM featured courses, whereas we instill science-related topics and allow students to reinforce knowledge they learn through different scientific investigation activities. In order to challenge students to raise questions, investigate and make observations, we aspire to provoke students’ curiosity and hunger for knowledge, hoping that they will acquire strong analysis skillset and problem-solving ability, so as to train up creative, knowledgeable and socially-aware leaders of tomorrow.