Physical Education

Physical Education

Vision and Mission:

  • To deliver Physical Educational skills and knowledge to students through different sports activities, so as to develop healthy lifestyle.
  • To develop interest in Sports, discover students’ potential and create a habit of exercise
  • To build up positive attitude and values, such as self-confidence, perseverance and problem-solving skills.
  • To shape students’ growth mindset and encourage them to take up challenges through athletic experiences.


  • The utilization of various means of evaluation: skillset evaluation, fitness test, theoretical test and peer evaluation.
  • Promote learning motivation through situations and play-based learning.
  • Assist students’ learning through wide range of tools, such as PE teaching materials and e-learning materials.
  • Integration with the featured curriculum: Add in basic swimming course and football training in English into first grade PE curriculum. This could compensate the limitation of classroom settings and to reinforce students’ learning.

Energetic and Healthy Campus Policy:

  • Suggested by The World Health Organization (WHO) , children and youth aged 5-17 should accumulate at least 60 minutes of moderate- to vigorous-intensity physical activity every day.
  • Physical Activity is defined as any bodily movement that requires energy expenditure, including P.E. lessons, Sports competitions, and physical training; as well as travelling (walking or riding bicycle), doing chores, and all sorts of games and entertainments, etc.
  • “Moderate-intensity physical activities” are those which will slightly speed up breathing and heart rates, and cause mild sweating but not so intense as to cause fatigue (E.g. Talking is still managable)
  • Vigorous-intensity physical activities” are those which will greatly speed up breathing and heart rates, and cause profuse sweating and fatigue. ( E.g. Unable to talk)
  • It is suggested to undergo at least three days of vigorous-intensity physical activities per week to prompt the growth of muscles and bones.

Activity Time Table







Before Assembly



Morning Training for School Teams

(Track and Field, Football Traning)



Recess training for School Teams
(Track and Field
, Football Traning)

Recess Activities

(Shoot hoops, jump rope, hopscotch )



P.E. Lesson

2 sessions per week

In-class Expert




P1 Swimming
P1 Oriental Dance

P1 English Football

P2 English Football

P2 WuShu



Extracurricular activities


WuShu Class,

Chinese Dance Class

English Football 

Rope Skipping


Fencing, Basketball


School Teams Training



P.1 Seeded Sports School Team

U8 Mixed Football Team,

Swimming School Team


U8 Mixed Football Team,

Swimming School Team

U8 Mixed Football Team,

Chinese Dance Team

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